Welcome at my homepage,


long-term well-developed relationship to my clients is the expression of my occupation as insurance broker since many years.


The focus of my work is to provide cover for German and international health insurance, travel insurance,

pension and life insurance.

I`m also providing coverage for home, building and all ranges of insurance for private and business risks.


For inquiries don`t hesitate to use the contact details below or fill the contact form.


For UN Organization and other international Organization staff please use the button below for information

regarding Health Insurance.  UKV frame work contract is currently not available. For inquiries get in contact

with me please.



For UN Organization staff: for incoming individuals (p.ex. consultants, householdhelper) Advigon Insurance Company is the appropriate health insurance solution up to 5 years. Provides ex-Annex 7 form for German Foreign Office. Covers you worldwide  including NAFTA, if required. The provider is CareConcept from Bonn.

If you need full cover, when you become a employee oder freelancer, I also provide appropriate German public and private health insurance.